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Where there is light in the soul there will be beauty in the person.
Where there is beauty in the person there will be harmony in the home.
Where there is harmony in the home there will be honor in the nation.
Where there is honor in the nation there will be peace in the world.          Chinese Proverb

Why family coaching?

What kind of family do we want to be?  Will we have “family friends”?  Will we still be close when the kids are grown up? Still speak to each other?  What will our family contribute to the world?  How do we even talk about these things? How do we get through the next few days?

What are YOUR family’s questions?  Your family coach helps you define them and set out to achieve the family goals that you decide to put first.

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Coaching enables you to consciously choose your family’s future, and make it happen.

Family Coaching is a true partnership between your family, however you define it and whichever members start the process, and your coach.  Your coach works with individual members and with the family to define and achieve your specific goals while navigating through the insights and emotions uncovered along the way.  Your coach wants your progress and achievement as much as you do, and will spare no effort or resource to help you get there.

Do we all have to feel ready for this, at the same time?    No – any family member can take the initiative and set up the first meeting with us.  Bring along anyone else who’s ready for just an introduction.  We meet each other to talk about your interest, how coaching works, and answer your questions about any aspect of working together.  Any family member can take that back to the family for consideration.  There is no cost for the “meet and greet” session.

You hire a skilled, trained and experienced coach to facilitate a “eyes on the prize” growth process that even your best friends, parents, family, colleagues or mentors cannot in the same way.  You and your coach train rigorously for a win-win at your family’s own game!

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Hold on, that all sounds great – but how do we just get past the daily life challenges we’re having right now?  How do we even have a conversation to agree to consider considering it? How do we get the tired kids off to school tomorrow morning?   Call or email us to talk about just a first step.