About Us

Where we’re headed and why (vision, mission, values)

Family Coaching Global sees every family in the world having access to the support it needs to thrive and become the building block of civilization that it is meant to be, its members free of the scars of domestic conflict. Its mission is to provide a key path of support through coaching, as a vital complement to the support of extended family members, good friends and community, and when necessary, effective family therapy.  We treasure both the spiritual and material reality of our human nature, and believe our life’s purpose is to develop, through daily effort, qualities of the soul such as compassion, justice, courtesy, humility, dignity, patience, servitude, wisdom and trustworthiness that truly define us beyond this short lifetime.

Alex Blakeson, Founder


Alex is a certified coach through the ICF (International Coaches Federation), and trained both through a Master’s degree and in-person training with the well-respected Gestalt International Study Center (www.gisc.org).  In addition to working with youth, couples, parents and families, he has consulted to organizations in strategic planning, leadership, team and organization development through Panta Rei Consulting (www.pantareiglobal.com), and enjoys applying cross-learning between the family and workplace.  Previously, he earned a Masters (with honors) in Adult Education, and has been a manager and trainer for several for and non-profit organizations.

Marriage and parenthood were always key goals in Alex’s life.  He and his wife, originally from Sweden, have been married since 1989.  His children are college and middle-school age and are actively engaged with all of life’s opportunities, challenges, trials and joys in the US and Canada.  He is immensely pleased with them all, and in 24 years of marriage, parenting and family life is fascinated to continue learning about it through both theory and practice.  He is based in Southeastern Vermont and travels.

“…reflect upon the favors and blessings which descend upon that family when unity exists among its various members. What incalculable benefits and blessings would descend upon the great human family if unity and brotherhood were established!”  Baha’i Writings