Meet the Coaches-Full Bios

Alex Blakeson


After a year’s cross-cultural learning adventure in the West Indies, Alex started college at age 17 through an innovative early-college program in Massachusetts.  At 18, after earning his first degree, he spent a life-changing year of training and service in Latin America.  Back in the U.S. he then completed a Bachelors at the School for International Training, returning to Bolivia for an internship year. He met his wife Karin while finishing school in Vermont.  They married and went to work for two years in Colombia, returning to the U.S. for graduate school and other needs.  After the joy of parenthood came to them with their first son, the family moved to Chicago for ten years where both Alex and Karin worked for a faith-based non-profit organization, and their two daughters were born.  There Alex completed his Masters in Adult Education (with honors) with the aim of working with youth in alternative educational settings. For ten years he counseled and trained youth, adults and families volunteering to serve in over 100 countries and projects around the world. In 2002 the Blakeson family moved closer to extended family congregating in Vermont, where they currently live.

He completed his in-person, practice-focused coaching and group-development training, leading to certification through the International Coaching Federation, over a two-year period with the widely-respected Gestalt International Study Center (  In addition to working with youth, couples, parents and families, he now also consults to organizations in strategic planning, leadership, team and organization development through Panta Rei Consulting (, and enjoys applying cross-learning between the family and workplace.

Marriage and parenthood were always key goals in Alex’s life.  He and his wife, originally from Sweden, have been married since 1989.  His children are college and middle-school age and are actively engaged with all of life’s opportunities, challenges, trials and joys in the US and Canada.  He is immensely pleased with them all, and in 24 years of marriage, parenting and family life is fascinated to continue learning about it through both theory and practice.

Alex is based in Southeastern Vermont and travels.