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Getting Started

Your initial exploration session is free, informal and in person, at your home or other place you choose.  You ask anything you wish about your coach, the process, expectations, details, costs and terms, etc. Your coach will ask you about what you need and would like to accomplish in your family and explain what the process entails.  We dialogue until an initial picture is clear of what you need and how coaching might help. This session is open to anyone in the family who would like to take part.

If coaching is right for you, your first coaching session may be with parents only, depending on your focus and ages of your children.  We will narrow down what to start working on first, and you will come away with doable action steps to begin trying.  Both you and your coach will be actively engaged in discussion as “partners for growth” in your family. Your coach will help bring it to conclusion with next action steps and timeframes clear. As our approach is appreciative, we focus on how to make best use of your strengths in the family.

In the next sessions, we’ll be working together on your most important needs and goals.  We’ll focus on what has worked well and how to build on it.  While regularity and commitment are needed to make progress, there is flexibility, as real family life is of course full of change and surprises!  When you feel you have achieved what you need to, we finish or take a break from coaching.


10-week “get it done” Family Immersion Package

In this popular and highly effective approach, your family is the coach’s primary focus for the ten-week period.  In addition to your weekly scheduled session, whose length you choose, your coach is also available in between as things come up ‘in the moment’*.  We often start the immersion period with an in-depth vision-building session to jump-start the process with a clear initial picture of who your family is, how you would like to be, and some of your first goals.  Then we start working toward those goals right away.

This approach engenders a high level of commitment and focus on the part of family members, while we make sure to establish a sustainable, balanced pace.  The ten-week immersion can focus on establishing a family vision and action plan and initiate sustainable independent goal achievement, or to address a current opportunity, change or challenge, such as impending move, family frictions, or major life change.

Much like learning a new ‘foreign’ language, by the end of the process family members are “speaking the language” of regular meaningful family conversation, what consultation really is and how to do it, how to recognize and manage our emotions as we talk and consult, coming to agreement about sharing the work of the home, resolving conflict, and others.

You may even decide, with our skilled help, to invite input from your family’s closest circle of relatives and friends,  and this process is included in your package!

Follow-up coaching is available after the immersion as desired.

 (*There is only an additional cost for extra travel that may be desired between regular weekly sessions.  Amount of between-session coaching time to be clarified up front.)


Hourly family coaching

For the family who wants a more traditional weekly-session (yet flexible as needed) approach we offer coaching on an hourly basis with no minimum number of sessions required.  Start with any hope, concern, need or issue, even when you are not sure exactly what it is, or which family members should participate.  You can choose to start this lower-comittment way and later step up to the family immersion package if you wish.


Workshops and Groups

Introduction to Family Coaching

Our dynamic, affordable two-hour “Introduction to Family Coaching” workshop, for $25 per family, allows everyone access to both immediate take-aways, plus an understanding of the outcomes of family coaching, through a mix of role-play, presentation, hands-on activity and discussion.  Parent(s), individuals, couples, or whole families are welcome (bring children age 11 and up who are ready to participate and listen).

Getting Started group workshop

Sequel to Introduction to Family Coaching, “Getting Started” is a 2.5-hour workshop limited to four families – parents only.  Your facilitator and coach will guide you through a professional process of assessing family strengths, defining your “passion” around your family’s future, and send you home with tools to continue the process as a couple, parent, or whole family.


Local Learning Circles

Learning Circles are semi-autonomous groups of couples, parents and sometimes kids, who gather to share what they are learning in action, study new marriage-parenting-family development materials, and develop friendships (have some fun and food!).  The group decides how much and at what level it needs to engage a trained family coach/facilitator.

Family Coaching Global offers both one-to-one and small group (2-3) coaching for youth ages 12-20.  We love working with youth and offer general life coaching, achievement coaching (academic and otherwise), and college placement coaching.


Youth and Students

Family Coaching Global offers both one-to-one and small group (2-3) coaching for youth ages 12-20.  We love working with youth and offer general life coaching, achievement coaching (academic and otherwise), and college placement coaching.