Family Packages and Services

Family Immersion Package

No-charge exploration session:  see description above  – click here..

10-week “get it done” immersion: Unlimited access, all family members and “supporters” engaged.

In this popular and highly effective approach, your family is the coach’s primary focus for the ten-week period.  In addition to your weekly scheduled session, whose length you choose, your coach is also available in between as things come up ‘in the moment’*.  When appropriate, we start the immersion period with a somewhat longer “vision session” to jump-start the process with a solid initial picture of who your family is, how you would like to be, and some of your first goals.  Then we start working toward those goals right away.

This approach engenders a high level of commitment and focus on the part of family members, while we make sure to establish a sustainable, balanced pace.  The ten-week immersion can focus on establishing a family vision and action plan and initiate sustainable independent goal achievement, or to address a current opportunity, change or challenge, such as impending move, family frictions, or major life change.

Much like learning a new ‘foreign’ language, by the end of the process family members are “speaking the language” of regular meaningful family conversation, what consultation really is and how to do it, how to recognize and manage our emotions as we talk and consult, coming to agreement about sharing the work of the home, resolving conflict, and others.  You may decide, with our skilled help, to invite input from your family’s closest circle of relatives, friends and key community members.  and the interviews are included in your package!

Follow-up coaching is available after the immersion as desired.

 (*There is only an additional cost for extra travel that may be desired between regular weekly sessions.  Amount of between-session coaching time to be clarified up front.)

Hourly family coaching

For the family who wants a more traditional weekly-session (yet flexible as needed) approach we offer coaching on an hourly basis with no minimum number of sessions required.  Start with any hope, concern, need or issue, even when you are not sure exactly what it is, or which family members should participate.

Couples, singles, parents, grandparents fiancés & significant others

We are glad to support those considering marriage or parenthood, newly married, remarried or long-term committed.  We also love to work with extended family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles) in their “supporting roles”, and their own relationships.