The first sessions

Your exploration session is free, informal and in person, at your home or other place you choose.  You ask anything you wish about your coach, the process, expectations, details, costs and terms, etc. Your coach will ask you about what you need and would like to accomplish in your family and explain what the process entails.  We dialogue until an initial picture is clear of what you need and how coaching might help. This session is open to anyone in the family who would like to take part.

If coaching is right for you, your first coaching session will likely be with just parents, depending on your focus and ages of your children.  We will narrow down what to start working on first, and you will come away with doable action steps to begin trying.  Both you and your coach will be actively engaged in discussion as “partners for growth” in your family. Your coach will help bring it to conclusion at the time agreed, with next steps clear. As our approach is appreciative, we focus on how to make best use of your strengths in the family.

In the next sessions, we’ll be working together on your highest priority needs and goals.  We’ll focus on what has worked well and how to build on it.  While regularity and commitment are needed to make progress, there is flexibility, as real family life is full of surprises.  When you feel you have achieved what you need to, we finish or take a break from meeting.