Family Coaching Sub-Specialties

Sub-specialties within the two hundred family/family life coaching practitioners reviewed via their websites, or interviewed (also see menu link to “Family Coaching Providers with Presence on the Internet” under “Resources” on this site)

ADD/ADHD family members

Alzheimer’s-suffering family members

Academic achievement of children

“At-Risk” youth in the family

Autistic children in the family

Behaviorally challenged children

Behaviorally challenged youth

Blended families/remarriage

Bipolar family members

Boys-only parenting

Christian approach

College-bound youth in the family


Estranged family members

Expatriate/immigrant family adjustment to the U.S.

Family health & fitness

Farming families’ needs

Fathers encouragement of daughters’ participation in sports

Financial (including one specifically for preparing family heirs to inherit)

Jungian psychology oriented

Legal issues in families

Marriage-emphasis coaching

Military family needs

Multicultural families


Parenting-emphasis coaching

Single-parent coaching

Spirituality in the family

Substance abuse/recovery of family member(s)

Whole-family work

Wilderness-based coaching (for teens and sometimes parents)